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An educated reader is able to glean much information about Fitzgerald by examining his works like The Great Gatsby.Even more importantly, it signifies the power of final lines to solidify everything previously stated into one sentence from which the reader may grow.Fitzgerald found his wife, Zelda, at first sight in Montgomery, Alabama, at the tender age of eighteen years old.Jeffrey Steinbrink finds this important overall meaning when he says that.

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Daisy simply wants to keep what she has and live life in high class extravagance.Gatsby knows that he does not have the means to successfully woo her, and must find a way to make a name for himself so he can provide for her.By doing this, Fitzgerald is able to outline major themes in the novel, including facial expressions, honesty, and balance.

Myrtle is very materialistic, and uses her husband borrowing a suit as an example as to why her marriage was a mistake.The last line of chapter four is also an example of the continued examples of important facial expressions, constituting an ongoing motif in the novel.Fitzgerald became notorious for his alcoholism and, addicted to it, was never able to hold a job or successfully publish anything after 1930.Use free essay sample on The Great Gatsby. The primary objective of this paper in going to explore the explore the American dream concept in The Great Gatsby.The man, the myth, the legend, Jay Gatsby is the titular hero of The Great Gatsby.Great Gatsby American Dream essaysThe corruption of American Dream is an idea people will abandon their morals to pursuit wealth and power.Though this may be purely contextual, as Nick finds himself in a subway station by the end of the chapter, Fitzgerald allows for them to contribute to the omen that began in the first chapter.

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Its last line placed directly in the middle of the book, chapter five provides symmetry of light and dark imagery in the novel.He lacks the same kind of classy wealth that Daisy has so well mastered.Creating strict schedules while living with his parents, he tries to better his mind and become a more civilized person (participial).In fact, her desire to move up the social hierarchy leads her to her affair with Tom and she is decidedly pleased with the arrangement.When Nick interacts with Daisy in the novel, his narration becomes more omniscient than it is in the rest of the book.Although she smiles, she does not truly display any happiness or excitement toward her relationship with Nick.

Daisy, his heartthrob, was also a mere eighteen years old just like Zelda.Not only does Daisy symbolize the American Dream, but the green light also reflects the illusion of the American Dream.The 1920s marked a time of great post-war economic growth, and Fitzgerald captures the frenzy of the society well.Fitzgerald lets this damning ideology into the book because he approves of it himself, and perhaps wants to expose the reader to it.But the strain proved too much: in 1930, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and admitted into a sanatorium, where she would spend the rest of her life.For many of those of modest means, the rich seem to be unified by their money.Jay Gatsby and the American Dream Essays:. gatsby american dream great gatsby american dream The Great Gatsby - The American Dream The Great Gatsby And.

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Although we do not see Tom as representation of the American dream like Daisy is, to Myrtle he is the means of reaching her dream: advancing her position from the working classes to the wealthy.

As a part of this altercation of his entire being, he changed his name from James Gatz to Jay Gatsby.Still later in the chapter, Gatsby passes into a third emotional stage of renewed of hope, and Fitzgerald emphasizes this with an increased intensity of the rain.

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Although, of course, Fitzgerald could have no way of foreseeing the stock market crash of 1929, the world he presents in The Great Gatsby seems clearly to be headed for disaster.For him, their powerlessness makes his own position that much more superior.

American Dream in Literature essays examine rags-to-riches story theme in major works such as The Great Gatsby.

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The buildup of intense hostility coming to a close, the final line is indispensible in defining this point as the climax of the plot.She wants to maintain her wealth instead of trying to increase it, as Gatsby does.Most clearly and powerfully, however, the outline of lightness through positive imagery and darkness through negative imagery is presented in the final lines of each chapter.The casual observer may never know the man behind the mask, but a learned historian can reveal to the world the secrets that some would rather sweep under the rug.He too knows he cannot hope to compete with the multitude of other men looking to take Zelda for their own, and realizes that he must better himself somehow first.He emphasizes this by presenting the characters of Tom and Daisy, who represent the buffer that stop Gatsby and Myrtle from achieving their dreams.

The two exchanged hundreds of letters over the 1920-1930 timeframe.The novel ends with a famous line of hope despite struggle, and accepting reality in the face of desire, and it ultimately wraps up the previous final lines by stating the importance of retaining a state of equilibrium.Not only does he work for a living, but he comes from a low-class background which, in their opinion, means he cannot possibly be like them.It is economically impossible for all of us to achieve the American Dream, which is what Fitzgerald, is saying when Daisy chooses Tom over Gatsby.

The connection here between Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby is impossible to miss: Gatsby is more autobiographical, not fictional.Significantly, Gatsby is not certain that he is acting wisely because he, Gatsby, has wanted this meeting for so long and so much.Here, Daisy herself is the American dream, since her voice causes excitement within men in the same manner in which the American Dream provokes excitement.Just as he did with people of money, Fitzgerald uses the people with no money to convey a strong message.His lack of obvious materialistic qualities in his character allows Fitzgerald to use Nick to demonstrate the contrast between the more materialistic characters in the novel.In The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald offers up commentary on a variety of themes — justice, power, greed, betrayal, the American dream, and so on.

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Acquainted with Fitzgerald until his death, Hemingway is able to provide a full picture of the growth and decline Fitzgerald experienced.The color green symbolizes the American dream, which is corrupted.Both Gatsby and Fitzgerald fell in love with Southern women, and their respective relationships are strikingly similar.

Filed Under: Essays Tagged With: American, gatsby, Great Gatsby, jay gatsby. The Essay on The Great Gatsby Daisy Tom Myrtle.Read Great Gatsby free essay and over 87,000 other research documents.In this case, Myrtle is the smashed up thing, and Gatsby is the one who cleans up the mess, by taking the blame.Even though Fitzgerald could not have known it at the time, he foreshadowed his own problems with his insertion of alcohol into Gatsby.As Fitzgerald shows, however, their concerns are largely living for the moment, steeped in partying and other forms of excess.She even turns her head away from her true love, Gatsby, since she wants to keep living her materialistic lifestyle.Looking deeply into the concluding lines of each paragraph tell us a lot about the trend of shifts in mood in the novel, particularly in the positive (light) and negative (dark) imagery.