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Sierra - Healdsburg,. and cheering for my favorite baseball team. Click here to read his essay.Fiction analysis essay writing guide for school and college students,

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Basketball is my second favorite sport,my favorite teams are the miami heats and the chicago bulls.It is amazing my favourite sport is basketball and I am very addictive to it and I love it. my favourite player is Russell Westbrook from Oklahoma city in n NBA.The following sentences should present solid evidence giving examples of the claim made in the thesis.The essay conclusion gives the writer the last opportunity to persuade the reader.

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Because of the sport,I now enjoy good health and great friendships.For example, writing an essay about my favorite sport basketball the following is an example of the body paragraphs.

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We uasually play about anhour before going home to finish our homework.On weekends,we usually play at different community parks for the entire afternoon.

A fullback is similar to the center in basketball who sets the picks and makes the short baskets.Being a teenager, basketball has played a huge impact in my life from just being a hobby to a strong obsession.Each student should write a short essay on his or her work,...While these sports are alike in many ways, they are very different in other aspects.English Summary: English News: Business Idioms: My favorite.

I like basketball so much because it is not only helps keep me in good shape and improves my overall health, but it also teaches me the value of teamwork.Another similarity is that players of both these games need to be able to think one the run.

How to write body paragraphs for an essay on my favorite sport.The introduction explains the topic in general and guides the reader to understand the content of the essay.I learned swimming when I was six years old and my parents tell me that I took to swimming like a fish takes to water.For instance, in football, I play fullback, and I carry the ball for short yardage situations and help block for the tailback.RockLee222 44,625 views. How to write a good essay - Duration: 8:24. zontulfilmsltd 1,904,669 views.

College links College Reviews College Essays College Articles.My favorite sport is basketball,and it is also the sport i play the most often.Drawings dating as far back as 2000 B.C. prove that people participated in swimming, even back then.

Swimming 101 - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006 ( Rating: ).We uasually play about anhour before going home to finish our homework.On weekends,we usually pla.

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Since electricity has been used by human beings,it become necessity in our life. (4).

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The introductory paragraph is important because readers are informed of what to expect in the following paragraphs.

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Throughout this vast country we as Americans are entertained by many different things, including movies, music, and sports.


Tennis is a very interesting sport. It is the last reason why tennis becomes my favorite sport. Thanks for the essay, wanted to write one on my blog.

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The other paragraphs provides examples to continue supporting the claim and providing specific information.Class Speech - My Favorite Sport. 2 Pages 557 Words February 2015.When the offensive unit scores or turns the ball over, it goes to the sideline to await its turn to go back out on to the field, and the same rules apply for the defensive unit.Each of these strokes has different race lengths offered - like running events there are short sprint races and there are long endurance races.